Monday, October 14, 2013

Awesome review for Private Viewing!

Hey everybody! Check out the awesome review for Private Viewing from BTS eMag:

Review by Susan Arden

Summary : Private Viewing is a red-hot scorcher of a read. Totally enticing in how Claire related to her hotter than Hades husband, Nick. Attorney and go-getter, this hunky sex-in-a-suit is walking a razor edge in his desire to satisfy his sexy wife aka retired lingerie model. These two sex-time-bombs explode in the presence of neighbor, Grayson. A man of privilege and Gray’s no slacker rich boy. Gray wants Claire and his way of displaying his craving is total craft in this story. Not a creeper although there was a minor peep show, but only to whet the appetite. We’re about to have a bit of fun in the tag-team duo of Nick and Gray. A man sandwich with Claire in between. One night and anything goes. Nick gives his wife the ultimate fantasy that they both can enjoy. Heck, all three in this alpha driven ménage. From swimming pool to the well-directed Grayson tool in bed, this is a fast-paced erotica novella that will grab your attention, burn your eyeballs, and have your motor reeving from start to end.

Find it here:

If you like it, Private Encore, coming soon, tells the ongoing story of Grayson Hill!!!